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I have also to thank my assistants at the Goldsmiths'
Institute, Mr. William Ashton and Mr. George T. White,
for much valuable aid in the correction of proofs, and
Mr. R. W. Weekes for assistance in the matter of electric

' In conclusion, it is iny sincere wish that the? hook may
prove of real benefit to engineers of every In
furtherance of this, I will gladly explain any portion that
may seem abstruse, and shall be greatly obliged by having
any errors pointed out. I finally .state that 1 do not
Intend tha work to be merdy an aid to any particular
examination, but I have introduced whatever seemed to
me most helpful to those: for whom it has been prepared.


(hhhmiths* Institute, New ^Vvw, A*A\
October, r 894.


rPHE  demand for a  Second Edition of thin book etc*
*     curring so  soon,   the   Kirst   Kdition   having
exhausted within  a  few  month* of publication,  1
only had opportunity to  make the tmial
to add the more necessary                  in nn Appendix.

Speaking generally,  I   nm highly gratified at the ft*
ception which has been                 to tie workfc

considering the imperfection of it* l*lrt  Edition! me!
here take occasion to sincerely thank                       and

reviewers both for praise and far help*

As there has been            little miiunder^ttttctitig in thc%

reading of my first preface* 1st me at
only examination 1 had In view

that which is the                              for the

* his actual requirements in           the            work/

Once more 1

getionf renewing at the                    my         to

any difficult portion.                    WjurM|>

tioldmttkf iMtthtt**